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TES Series Battery

Torrent Battery Technology: Unique Structure and Properties

The Torrent battery is the fruit of many years of research and development. It is the perfect combination of a new material technology and innovative design.

It provides superior performance far beyond that of the traditional SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery. The Torrent battery can discharge with 20C current and can be fast- recharged to full capacity within 20 minutes.

With the Torrent battery Technology, the TES serie has the ability to work run under partial state of charge (PSOC) condition while keeping its full capacity , The cell internal structure is specially designed to provide the high reliability, long service life and cost effectiveness for today's energy storage solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide temperature operation range: -40°C to 60°C
  • Long service life: 3000 cycles at 50% DOD (25°C) , 25000 cycles at 10% DOD (25°C) ,
  • High Specific Energy Density: 40 Wh/Kg(30% higher than SLA battery)
  • High Power: Start current can reach 1800 A (4 times higher than SLA battery)
  • Quick charge: 3C current charge and 80% charged in 20 min. (To be 100% charged, it only needs 75 min.)
  • 3C discharge ≥ 4 min. @ -18°C
  • High capacity at low temperature: 75% capacity at -18°C
  • Strong shock-resistant capacity: can bear shock of acceleration of more than 10g.
  • Safe and maintenance free


  • Telecom
  • Energy Storage System
  • EV
  • Other Deep Cycle Applications
Pic Code Nominal Voltage (V) Capacity (AH) Dimension Weight Terminal Type
Length Width Height Total Height Kg Lb
mm in mm in mm in mm in
TES12-90 12 90 770 30.3 128 5.1 143 5.62 143 5.62 26.7 58.5 M10
TES12-100 12 100 770 30.3 128 5.1 143 5.62 143 5.62 29.7 65.5 M10

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