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New Journey, New Challenge!

8 Nov.,2017

--Foundation of BSB Newenergy Company Limited

Dated October 26th 2017, BSB Newenergy Company Limited, a joint venture company between BSB and Xupai Group, officially founded. The foundation of the new company again interprets BSB’s development concept of “Open and Win-Win Cooperation” and greatly improve our platform capability to serve and support our global customers in terms of cost, quality, delivery, service etc.

Tracing back to February 2006, with confidence and dream to “provide the best solution of battery to the world”, few young men gathered together and set up BSB (Best Solution of Battery). After 11 years hard work, in the insistent belief of its dreams and its business philosophy “Pay attention to customer, make customer successful, bring max. value for customer”, BSB developed from zero, grew from small to big and provided series of solutions of batteries and smart battery management systems that helped our customers reduce cost, improve performance worldwide. BSB’s solutions are satisfied and appreciated by our worldwide customers.

BSB believes the first thing to do to “provide best solution of battery” is to help customers select the right battery. BSB always feel and understand customers, pinpointing customer’s pain points, deeply analyze battery using conditions. BSB always support customers match the best balance amongst cost, performance and requirement. For example, in a Pakistani telecom project, our team surveyed various sites under extremely high temperature and understood the poor battery operating condition which was dry climate, perennial high temperature and frequent power outage. BSB concluded that normal type VRLA battery would not fulfill service life expectation of customer under such operating condition. After site survey, failure-battery cut-test and other technical analysis, BSB finally proposed a customized solution of hybrid gel and 3D-grid-structure plate battery, perfectly resolving customer’s difficulties in using batteries.

a view of factory(Jiangsu Suqia)

"Provide best solution of battery" also means giving customers the best experience of product procurement, including the best quality, delivery and reasonable price. This is the key point that BSB chose to cooperate with Xupai Group, who has a strong manufacturing and delivery capability. Xupai Group has the most efficient and rigorous manufacturing, quality control and process control level, from raw materials procurement, sample testing, production management to the finished product output, each process has become the highest level of the industry. Xupai’s main products market share is top 3 in China's electric vehicle battery market. The cooperation between the two parties enables BSB to have 3 production bases (Jiangsu Suqian, Jiangxi Yifeng, Jiangxi Hetian) , with a production plant area of more than 1 million square meters and an annual production capacity of 18 million KV/AH.

"Provide best solution of battery", also includes helping customers use batteries properly. BSB find that many batteries actual service life cannot reach its design life due to lack of battery technical profession. Therefore, BSB has integrated the technologies of Internet, IoT, big data and AI to develop ECO Plus (ECO+), smart battery management system, which is the first in the industry to solve many problems that plagues customers during battery usage. ECO+ has been successfully deployed to telecom BTS, data centers and power utility systems worldwide. The new solution creates dramatic economy benefits for customers.

Since its foundation, BSB always keep faith, and do all our work around the philosophy "provide best solution of battery”. BSB will always forge ahead base on this philosophy.

ECO+ Smart Battery Management System deployed in DC