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ECO Plus Smart Energy System ECO Plus Smart Energy System ECO Plus Smart Energy System ECO Plus Smart Energy System
Battery Energy Storage Solution Power the Futhure

What ECO+ can Bring to you?

Based on the ECO+ system, those below functions, features and benefits can be achieved:


focus areas
  • At least 10% TCO saved for operators (Under traditional purchase mode, the service costing keep increasing year by year, no room for any bargaining, and just starting from the CAPEX reduction).
  • Installment payment mode could bring the following benefits for operators:
    • Improve financial liquidity: operators raise money by ways of financing lease, because it is in the form of rent paid in installments, so can greatly save the liquidity, liquidity place will use valuable need more;
    • Alleviate the financial pressure, realize installment effect.
  • Flexibility


focus areas
  • ECO+ will provide the professional maintenance guide for clients;
  • ECO+ will complete the visualized report timely, efficiently (no more than 30 minutes to show report or per customer request);
  • ECO+ will provide professional battery lifetime prediction every half year;
  • ECO+ will present backup time prediction for every sites battery;
  • ECO+ will show the prior warnings for fault power supply and notify the maintainer.


focus areas
  • ECO+ will show you the faulty battery with ID number, compared with before, the maintainer can easily find the exact faulty one, and no need to check all bank of battery. It saves both the cost & the time.
  • ECO+ will provide the predictive alarm, such as the backup time, battery service life.
  • Contractor will bear all the risks of the lead price, exchange rate and labor cost.