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How does ECO+ Work?

The ECO Plus Smart Energy system can prolong the battery service life cycle significantly, improve the efficiency of energy consumption, enhance the high visibility of energy network management and reduce greatly the difficulty in the operations & maintenance of the energy products.

How does it work?

Embedded Smart Acquisition Module Inside
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  • First, there is an acquisition module embedded inside the battery, gathering more accurate and reliable battery working data. All the information is transferred to the cloud software platform through GPRS, Wifi or Ethernet. the user is able to know the batteries condition for 7x24 avaliable.


Cloud Computing
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  • Then,The ECO Plus System deploys the up-to-date battery design, intelligent data acquisition and cloud computing technology to make battery endure with higher temperature and extend float charging life time obviously.


Remote management and Connect to other Power Equipments
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With considerate and customized columns, including Navigation, Site, Alarm and Report, the ECO Plus System enables you to know the battery condition correctly within shortest time and take measures in time to maximize the battery's life and efficiency.

The system is able to connect all power facilities on sites and make them work more effectively together.

With big data mining and expert system, the ECO Plus Smart Energy System can accurately manage and optimize the work flow to achieve lower cost and less maintenance. It can be your highly reliable management plateform and let you concentrate on the core businesses.