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Application-oriented Battery Solutions Application-oriented Battery Solutions Application-oriented Battery Solutions Power the Future
Battery Energy Storage Solution Power the Futhure

About Energy Storage

In a future vision, energy storage would have a role throughout the electric energy value chain:

It would be stored at generation facilities to capture wind and solar power at peak production and to levelize the use of transmission or to save it for delivery at peak load. In addition to firming renewable production, storage will be used to provide ancillary services such as regulation and balancing energy for which it is especially well suited. Storage would be used in the transmission system as a way to relieve congestion, to increase transmission utilization off peak, and to provide peak shaving for capital deferral, plus other more technical applications, such as voltage control and stability augmentation.


T-BESS(Torrent Battery Energy Storage System) for Distributed Generation and Microgrid

T-BESS(Torrent Battery Energy Storage System), presented by BSB Power. It is the battery storage solution for distributed generation and micro-grid energy storage system.

T-BESS is an Integrated, Intelligent, Power Management Solution that is Configurable, Modular and Scalable. The system consists of a safe and efficient Torrent batteries, battery management systems, high-performance power electronics and powerful control system.

As an important feature of T-BESS is that the Torrent battery bank can be flexibly configured to meet the demand of customers.

All of the key components are integrated into an operating system, which can work in conjunction with existing or under construction equipments. T-BESS is a high efficiency battery energy solution with low operation and maintenance cost.



  • Programmable, Flexible, and Modular
  • High reliability & Cyber Security
  • Optimized System Performance
  • Web Based Real Time Monitoring


  • Fully synchronized BMS & PCS Control
  • Seamlessly interface with the grid
  • Factory Tested and Field-Ready
  • Operate 100 Modules as Single System


  • Real and Reactive Power Supply
  • Low Auxiliary Consumption
  • Power Precision within 10 kW
  • Overload to 150% of Nameplate MVA


  • Fast Response & Long Duration
  • Multi-storage Platform
  • Capabilities
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Safe, Non-hazmat